Would you show this pic in church?

Ecclesia Church in Houston declines to use pic

It’s disturbing and could frighten children, argue church elders, who declined to display it in the church’s art gallery alongside the work of other artists depicting the remaining 14 stations (the 15th depicts Christ’s resurrection).

There is a fine line between the sacred and profane.

In my opinion, even the most profane piece of art is by it’s very nature showcasing the creative nature of God. We are created in God’s image – as creative beings. So any creative output (even the most blasphemous) is reflective of the creative nature of God.

I understand the leadership’s decision: they placed the children’s mental safety and ability to process art over the artistic expression. It was an editorial decision. But is that decision reflective of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God? Is being a disciple and citizen of the Kingdom always easy and safe?

Is child abuse horrendous? Yes.

Was Christ’s brutal death (sacrifice) any less horrendous? No.

Is there room for “art for art’s sake” in the church?