Top iPhone Apps for Worship Leaders

iphone_homeThe iPhone has pretty much changed my world. I’m more connected than ever before. And I’ve got more information at my fingers while on the go than ever before. I’ve found some apps that are particularly beneficial to worship leaders and musicians:

Metronome – Never have to guess what 88 bpm feels like in the middle of rehearsal again.

The Bible – Put out by All the major translations are available. Includes a daily reading option.

Pandora – Create your own customized radio station based on your favorite artists.

JamBase – Find out local concert listings; syncs up with your map to get you to the show.

Shazam – Instantly identify any song being played anywhere.

Concert Vault – Huge database of live concerts from the 60s to present.

ProPresenter Remote – Allows you to view or control presentations made using ProPresenter.