Leaders are not normal.

From Tony Morgan

Leaders are not normal. They are:

  • the strong
  • the rebels
  • the skeptical
  • the intelligent
  • the independent
  • the positive deviants

Try to control these people, and you’ll never be able to rally their potential. Try to normalize these people, and you’ll never be able to sustain their positive impact.

Using loops in worship leading

Great article over at blog.worship.com

You may find a lot of your past mistakes are now being exposed with a click or that your harmony you always sing is actually flat now that you have some accompaniment in the loop. There is also risk of computer melt down, but that’s why we only recommend Macs here.


I have used a drum loop before in the song “All the Earth” by Charlie Hall. They are really easy to create in Garage Band – and then exported to iTunes and used in a playlist.