"Eucharist in the Youniverse"

Len Sweet tweeted:

@lensweet Some churches now offer hosts that are round, triangular, square, wholemeal, white, gluten free, low fibre, etc. Eucharist in the Youniverse

Should this observation really be surprising? Think about it – if we’re going to offer a variety of “styles” of worship within a single congregation (styles = different music), then why not a variety of hosts as well? Or even a variety of methods of distribution (intinction, common cup, little plastic cups, etc.). Its a natural progression for church in the consumer-driven culture. “You can have it YOUR way in the YOU-niverse.” Like Burger King.

Let’s not forget the important fact that the Eucharist is a symbolic action. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what type of bread is being used. The bread is a symbol that is alive with meaning. It is the symbolic nature of the bread that makes it significant, not the physical nature. When we hold the bread and taste it we are invited to enter into the mystery of Christ’s body, broken for us. We also are invited to deepen our understanding and experience of fellowship with Christ through the meal. In other words, the point is not how the bread tastes or feels. The point is what we engage in through the symbols: the Bread of Life.

Regardless of the shape or taste of the host, Jesus will always be with us when we gather at the table for the meal in remembrance of Him.

Len Sweet wants you to help him write a book

What are the 100 words that make us Christian? When you boil Christianity down to its essence, what are the words that remain?

In a very open-source move, Dr. Sweet is allowing people to submit ideas for this book project. Here was my submission:

MEALNot only do many Christian events include the “potluck”, but it is the central symbol that Jesus left us to remember Him by. The meal of Passover. The meal atop Sinai. The meal that became a miracle and fed thousands. The meal with the wrong kind of people. The meal on Thursday night before His crucifixion. The meal after the resurrection in Emmaus. The meal on the beach. And the meal that believers gather around a table to share every Lord’s day. God’s invitation to “eat and drink freely.”

You can join your ideas at the 100 words website.