Weekly Worship Thought – Worship Technology

2013-09-10 18.36.00As we are installing new projectors and screens this week, my thoughts have been around technology. Technology doesn’t make worship happen. You can have the greatest gear, biggest screens, coolest lights, and the highest of high definition cameras. None of these things can create worship. Technology is a tool, and tools can be used for different agendas and purposes. But tools cannot create worship. Only God’s Spirit and the posture of the human soul can create worship. People have worshiped for hundreds of years without the use of technology. Technology can be helpful for worship. Technology can be harmful for worship. Worship is not dependent on technology.

Tech Script Freebie


You’re welcome!

Communication is everything. And this is a valuable little tool that I use to communicate to our technical voluteers (audio, video, lighting operators) the flow of a service. This group of volunteers needs to be aware of every aspect of the service. They need as much information as possible in order to do their job the best they can.

Feel free to morph this document to your own needs. The first column allows you to list the elements of the worship order, including song titles, speakers, etc. The second column allows you to list directions specific to the video operator (Easy Worship, PowerPoint, MediaShout, etc.). You can put the order of song lyrics (vs1 ch vs2 ch br ch ch) as well as the title of videos to be played here. The third column is to give the audio person a heads up for each service element. You can list which channels on the mixer should be up, or even which vocalist or instrument should be mixed differently for each element. The fourth column is for lighting notes. The final column if for general comments and reminders.

I’ve been using this format for Sunday worship for several years now, and all the techs that have used it find it informative and easy to follow.