Environmental Projection


I’ve been experimenting with some simple environmental projection at our Wednesday evening Taize services at Faith. Opposite of the screen (which is a loop of icons of Jesus), I put a huge flickering candle on loop. It is projected on to the wall which has raised bars. Environmental projection is simply the idea that you project images and loops on some surface other than a screen. The railing and table are full of votive candles, so the large projected candle ties in with the rest of the room. I’ve also added two LED lamps throwing purple light beneath the cross.

Northern Sound and Light

Worship musicians need to buy a lot of gear. Northern Sound & Light is the latest place I’ve used for cheap prices.

Sennheiser e835 mic:

  • @Musiciansfriend.com = $99.99
  • @Sweetwater.com = $99.97
  • @NorthernSound.net = $80.70

Aviom A-16II Personal 16 channel mixer:

  • @Musiciansfriend.com = $620.00
  • @Sweetwater.com = $620.00
  • @NorthernSound.net = $430.56

Tell ’em Clayton sent ya.

Technologies for Worship Magazine

Here is the deal about being a complete worship musician. It goes way beyond just music. It’s not enough to be just a great musician or singer and be a leader of worship in churches today. You have to know audio, video, lighting, photography, graphic design, web design, leadership, theology, finance, and the list goes on…. This blog is an attempt at filling in the gaps for worship leaders – things they didn’t teach you at worship leading school.

One resource you need to know is Technologies for Worship Magazine. This publication will keep you up to date on trends in the audio, video, lighting, and web world. The best part is that the subscription is free – check it here.

Last edition had a good article on the differences between PowerPoint and worship presentation software programs – check it here.