Tension Between Artists and Leaders

by Tim Stevens

-Artists want to help people experience God. Leaders want to give them truth about God.
-Artists want the freedom to try stuff, the chance to risk. Leaders personally like risk, but when it
comes to the services, they want to know what is happening and have a pretty good idea it’s
going to work.
-Artists are feelers. Leaders are thinkers.
-Artists want to leave room in the program for spontaneity and the move of God. Leaders figure
God will move ahead of time during the planning phase.
-Artists have a hard time logically explaining how the artistic elements will contribute to the goal
of the service…they just feel strongly that it will work. Leaders have a hard time planning a
service around a feeling.
Artists like asking questions. Leaders like giving answers.
-Artists like leaving the audience in the tension of the unanswered. Leaders feel like they are
failing if they don’t offer a convincing message.
-Artists want to be a part of the dreaming phase. They want to know the “why” and not just the
“what.” Leaders want someone to create a service around their concept.

Download the free eBook, “Leadership Learnings.” Tim says these are generalization, and I agree. I see myself in both descriptions on several of these points. Successful worship leaders have a blend and balance of gifts in the artistic and leadership areas.

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