Twitter in church?

First let me say, I got my first issue of Collide today, and I think it’s a magazine you should know about. Their tag line is “where media and the church converge.” This issue has a great article about why you should twitter:

When a pastor is on Twitter, a two-way relationship can develop between the pastor and the congregation as each is privy to the unfolding narrative of the lives of the other. As a result, engagement offline can develop more effectively.

Mars Hill Church (Seattle) recently made the news for embracing Twitter during church services. They see it as a way for people to share their experiences with others and to dispel what some people may think about a church service. Mars Hill has also harnessed the power of Twitter to keep their congregation updated and connected. Check it out:

Even some of the major denominations have joined the Twitter world:

The Church of England
The Presbyterian Church *USA*

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