Top 10 Theses NOT approved at IWS

Top 10 Theses NOT approved at IWS:

(by Sterling Allen)
1. Develop a series of hand signals, in the style of LDS Tabernacle rites, for the FBC of Kilgore.

2. Understanding the underlying theology of showtunes.

3. Discovering the beauty of liturgical dance through the movement of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.”

4. Developing a theory and praxis for projector balancing using denominational resources (i.e. hymnals and Holy Bibles).

5. The Naked Truth: Developing liturgical resources for the Happy Acres Naturalist Recreation Center All-Faith Chapel.

6. Alternate elements for Holy Eucharist: Spice Up the Feast with Nacho flavor Doritos and Zima.

7. Develop, create, and distribute “Vabulous”, the stylish couture of Papal Garments for Emerging Worship at Mars Hill Church, Seattle.

8. Ghetto Chant: An inspired, emerging, worship tradition combining High Anglican chant with the stylish beats and rhymes of Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

9. Worship: Ain’t no need to change a thing… (100 pages of affirmations for the Quaker congregation of Kalamazoo, Michigan).

10. We’ll Shout and Give Him Glory: The silent praises of an all mime congregation!!!!

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