Lapel vs. Earset Mic

It was quickly embraced by sound techs because not only could we now pick up the pastor’s voice clearly and consistently with minimum feedback problems, but finally – finally – we could get the big solo during the drama to sound good without the actor having to grab a handheld mic.

The good news is that the pastors who I’ve talked with who have embraced the earset mic tell me how wonderful the experience is for them, how they used to have to strain their voice each time they preached, and how the earset mic has spared their vocal cords.

Based on what we’re hearing (pun intended), the popularity of the earset microphone will simply continue. It genuinely solves a myriad of technical issues that church sound techs have been chasing for years. It gives us a clean pickup of the pastor’s voice, consistent sound character no matter how the talker moves their head, excellent gain-before-feedback, and it’s virtually invisible beyond about thirty feet from the platform. What’s not to like!?!

Read the complete article at Technologies for Worship Magazine.

My personal recommendation is the Countryman E6. I’ve been using it for 6 years with great results. You can get it at Northern Sound for $276.24 right now.

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