4 thoughts on “Do you tithe?

  1. We’ve been tithing (which to us means giving 10%+) of ALL the gifts that God has provided us for about 15 years. We couldn’t find anything in the Bible addressing whether a tithe should be based on the take home or gross amounts so we figure since all we get is from God it must mean the Gross.

    How did we find ourselves at the point where giving 10% is normal?

    1) Write the checks to God first! It doesn’t happen quick, but if you start with this step you’ll be well ahead. (sorry Dave Ramsey – Giving regularly to God should be the first baby step)

    2) Be intentional! It won’t happen if you seek to have all the toys and tools on the market.

    3) Give ’til It hurts! If it’s important, the pain goes away quickly. You’ve got to decide whether you’re really into this walking with Christ stuff, the pain of parting with the $$’s made me really question what I believe.

    4) Don’t just give….DO!
    We’re asked to give both our time and our money. One doesn’t substitute for the other.

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