What does 3 years of seminary look like?

Nothing too serious here – just some humor.

Above you see 2 pictures. These are both pictures from my student IDs from seminary.

The first picture was taken for my first ID during my orientation in January 2003. The second picture was taken for my second ID during my final semester in the Spring of 2006.

This is what 3 years of seminary looks like.

Picture #1 – youthful, happy, healthy, hopeful, promising, excited, enthusiastic, clean, well groomed, studious, eager

Picture #2 – aged, bloated, tired, unkempt, overweight, defeated, unshaven, disheveled, unhealthy, vagrant-like

I remember going into a profs office that last semester. The office assistant looked at me and said, “Who are you playing?” You see, Easter was approaching, and many of the music/worship seminary students were part of their church’s Easter productions. She assumed I must be playing Jesus, or at least one of the disciples by my appearance. I had to answer, “No one. This is just the way I look.”

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